Someday…biggest word of them all.

We all have those big words that matter to us. Different words matter to different people and we all have fears for some words, specially those who brings hope, faith and promises.

We like to say that silence speaks when words fail. I take words really seriouslly, I take words as promises and put my heart in it. We all should be sure to taste the words before we spit them out. Cause words can be someones someday.



Someday grasps all the big words. Always. Never. Everything. Forever. Love. Promise. Someday brings them all together in one word. I read somewhere that  someday is the legendary place where your hopes, dreams, goals and aspirations all magically come to fruition. Ohhhhh they are so right.

Someday is magical place for me. Place where I want to be. Someday is a person to me. Someday is a place and person that I call home. Someday is not day of the week, someday is life….is hand I wish to hold, is smile I wish to see every day, is hug I want to give…is life I want to share.

Someday is magical.

I gave a promise. That SOMEDAY we will have always, never, ever, forever…endless love and respect.

Someday is someone somewhere.


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