Two young people and ocean between us

It all happened almost two decades ago. Two young people and ocean between us. It was funny thing that brought us together…I call it faith, I call it kismet…but I always belived it was something bigger meant for us from the start.

He was that young handsome guy with a gorgeous smile from a green floating island in the middle of Atlantic ocean. I was young smiley girl a bit insecure but always open hearted.

I remember when I met him. I remember every detail…the shirt he was wearing, how strong his hand shake was…I remember his eyes and “eyes never lie, chico”.

He had that something…something that made me wonder, something special that he was able to sneak in my mind, something that made me blush, something that made my heart sing.

I loved how I felt his eyes on me..I loved how he smiled when nobody was watching…I loved the moment that I realised he likes me as much as I like him.

It was young love, crush, butterflies in stomack…it felt right. It just felt right.

Maybe we were to young to love but we were never to old to remember.

It was like play of two butterflies on the field of flowers…flying around and seducing in a way we only knew how.

Days went by so fast and non of us was brave enough to do that first step…we felt more comfortable being part of the group that stepping out…well till one night, when I heard knock on my door…and he was there. We kissed…so gently and so beautifully. That was the kiss I remembered.

I told him years and years later that I remember our moments, that I remember that kiss like it was yesterday..I told him years ago he was my unfullfield love and that I thought of him and those moments all my life.

It was my time to go…and in a time where there were no modern technology staying in touch was almost impossible.

Years went by…he stayed in my heart and in my mind. Thought on him always bring smile on my face, still!!! How many times I went through album pics..where I had our picture…on the balcony of the hotel on my 18th birthday. I still remember his smell. I still feel his arm over my shoulder. I still remember how I felt.


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