How I like my coffee? With you!

Confession! I’m a huge coffee lover.

All coffee lovers know how does it feel and tastes that first sip of perfectly made coffee …like heaven.
And all the coffee lovers know that some days you make the coffee and some days the coffee makes you. And sometimes that same coffee is a liquid hug to your body.

And that same coffee sometimes makes me feel I have my shit together. I don’t. But it feels like it…and sometimes that is more than enough.

Making a coffee is art!!!
A perfectly made cup of coffee is a beautiful thing. What makes one person’s cup of coffee taste “perfect” may be different from another’s.

I know how someone somewhere drinks his coffee.
Let me tell you, that is special kind of art. Two teaspoons of Ricore coffee with two teaspoons of brown muscovado sugar in a big mug. Putting milk to warm…and he knows without measuring what is perfect measure, go figure. Trying if the temperature is just right with pinky finger. (I do that too!) Pouring milk over the mix of coffee and sugar…no stirring, just letting blend. He leaves spoon in mug all the time of the drinking. And after drinking it he leaves in on the counter, no washing off. Sugar that didn’t melt completely stays in the mug so when he drinks another one, he puts same amount of coffee and a bit less of sugar.
I told you…making coffee is art and all of us coffee lovers have their own rituals. And I so love rituals with him. I love those sleepy eyes that  can barely see and those perfect hands making coffee in the morning.

I remember when I tried his coffee for the first time…I remember his smile when he saw look on my face. Damn, that coffee was f****** awesome! Before, I was making my coffee with boiled water…let me tell you, warm milk does all the difference. Trust me!

I remember stealing a sip from his mug…I got the look! …and a smile afterwards…but we all know that moment “don’t touch my coffee and nobody gets hurt”!!! I stole couple of more sips from then on…he knew how much ritual of sharing coffee means to me…he knew how much he means to me.

I love him more than a coffee…and that coming from a coffee lover says a lot.

It all comes down to with who you want to share your coffee with.

I would anytime choose crappy coffee with him over good coffee with anyone else.

If you ask me how I like my coffee? My answer will always be »With him!«.

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