Selcouth (adj.) Unfamiliar, rare, strange and yet marvelous.

I haven’t heard about that word before. He used it as description of what is happening between us, the feelings that were coming on surface…it was unfamiliar but yet marvelous.
At time we didn’t want to label it, didn’t want to put stamp on it…we were just embracing the moments and time that was given to us.

It has been a while since we last felt this way. The need to put down into words what we felt crashed into the lack of word and time and touch. Fingers couldn’t keep up with the rush of thoughts. We promised that we will take time to show how beautiful it is what we are feeling, the way life blossoms within us every time our voices enters through ears and echoes through all the body to find its home in our hearts.

We had this little rituals. We loved in a way we only knew how. We were making memories even if 4700mi away.
We were crazy…but good kind of crazy. Unfamiliar kind of crazy.

We felt more together than ever, regardless distance between us. Our souls were connected in a different level. We felt we found each other at last and we weren’t willing to let that go.
We promised we won’t let go even when life gets harder, even when crazy world out there would try to push us away.
I promised I will hold his hand.
We were safe in our little shell even when hurricane was raging outside.
Him and I were more than enough.
He was always more than enough.

Strange and yet marvelous thing is also how our demons knew how to dance, how our souls made love, how one smile was enough to know that everything will be ok. We had that power, we knew how to calm demons in each other and how to bring best out of other.

We were growing together. I felt I found my true soulmate and we all know how precious that is.

I feel we were destined to meet no matter the distance. I feel that this is once in a lifetime connection, one that make you feel more alive just sitting next to someone, even the silence is comfortable because I feel more complete in his presence. You know that feeling when you look in someones eyes and you see reflection of your soul in it, that is how it feels.

And how amazing is to find someone that is willing to hear all the crazy things that are running through your head. We don’t agree on everything nor we understand everything but we listened the same song, we were looking in the same direction and we were trying that our path become one.

Same things are important for us. We both cherish little things that makes other one smile. We knew that presence is more than enough for that time.

Soulmate is not someone that comes in your life peacefully. True soulmate makes you question things, changes your reality and marks a before and after in life. And it’s most probably not the human being everyone had idealized but it’s a special person, who manages to revolutionize your world in second.

»I love us for the way our eyes make love to each others soul.«


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