F*** the ice cream!

I’m not good in picking movies. Our deal was that he is the one choosing movies to watch and that he is the one making playlist for car. And let me tell you, he has an awesome taste.

He showed me some awesome movies and he “introduced” me to some awesome music authors. He recorded CD named Someday for me…I put earphones in and listen that music every single day.

He really has capability to”push the right buttons”.

Blue jay is a movie I came across…I saw trailer and thought that might be a good one. I remember watching it, I remember seeing so many similarities to us.

I remember when we used word us for the first time…I knew at that moment that words are magic.

What if you could almost literally get a look at the path not taken? What if you could consider the differences between the teen you and the adult you in stark contrast? Would you regret the choices you made? Would you change your life?

“Blue Jay” is a gentle, genuine trip down memory lane. Two great actors are more than up to the challenge, giving so much to one another that we fill in the history of their relationship and the years they have spent apart.

Two former high school sweethearts unexpectedly reunite in their old hometown, where they rediscover their magical bond and face a shared regret.

It’s a dialogue driven piece but it works perfectly because of what is unsaid verbally and what we get from a looks, smiles and laughters.

It’s something about the movie…the details, smiles, looks and touches…that reminded me of us. And exactly that “something” makes this movie special…seeing us in them.

Drinking crappy coffee, he leaving only pink and purple jelly beans because she loves those, dancing in the living room, goofing around, calling eachother weird, the looks they share, the words that don’t need to be spoken, pleasent silence..and…kissing after 20 years.

F*** the ice cream song in rapper style!

That is so us in our weird way. That is so us…loving. That is so us…meant to be…us who go through everything that is designed to tear us apart and come out even stronger than we were before. Us that don’t give up on each other when we go through hard times, even if it’s the easy thing to do.

“I love our story. Sure it’s messy, but it’s the story that got us here.”

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