Let’s sail away!

I’m a true sea lover. I’m an oceanholic. I’m a thalassophile.

My dream since forever was to find my spot by the sea. I’m islander by heart.
Back then I didn’t knew about the small island which I call green garden in the ocean but I realised it later that that was what I was dreaming off…I realised that is a place where I could live and let my roots grow. But…it’s not just about sea…it’s about person you want to grow with, you want to grow old with. I found that person in that special someone somewhere.

Ocean…beautiful, mysterious, wild and free. Making us feel humble, tiny and ispired. No matter if it’s calm or rough is always beautiful and calms my restless soul.

We had a dream. We had a dream about sailing boat. Non of us know how to sail but we were willing to learn someday. We were dreaming about raising sails up and sail wherever wind takes us. We were not affraid of storms because we knew that is how we learn to sail our ship.

We wanted to wander and not feel lost.
We wanted to catch our wave and ride it…together.
We wanted to be captains…captains of our souls.

We knew we can’t direct where the wind blows but we knew we could adjust the sails.

We knew we can be stronger than bumpy horizone ahead.

For us it was important that we are together..even if that would mean that sailing boat wouldn’t leave safe harbour. Our safe harbour were eachothers arms, hug, look in the eyes.

He still feels like my safe harbour, he is anchor to my soul when the waves come crashing down. He was anchor that kept my feet on the ground and I was trying to be the wings that kept his heart in the clouds.

He is a lighthouse! Shinning!

“Ocean separtes land, not souls.”

Let’s sail away. Just us and the world out there!

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