I have a thing with lighthouses! They are so magnificent. They are standing there, shining and showing the way. They are guiding light between the ocean. They are peace in troubled sea.

In order to shine so brightly the darkness must be present…they are sending out hope in the night.
They are at the edge, alone and still standing.

When we first met after 18 years he took me on a trip.
I remember him waiting in a car, remember smile he gave me…I remember I felt happy. I will never ever forget that smile, that moment.

We were in the car together after 18 years. We were driving and talking and smiling and laughing. He was showing me island that he so love through his eyes and I loved it. He was the one that make me fall in love with that beautiful island…and he make me fall in love with him too.

We stopped for a brake…to light a cigarette, to see the stunning views, to smell eucaliptus, to smell the sea…we stopped to make memories.
We stopped to buy pastel de nata..even though he hidden chocolate in the car. We sang in the car.

We talked about everything…we were together at last, enjoying our time.

Route went through some awesome master piece tunnels by the sea. We parked the car in the entrance of one, and walk to the end of it…I could hear waves crashing, it was different world at the end of that tunnel…power of ocean could be seen and heard. I felt tiny next to the strenght of the ocean..It was magnificent.

Road took us under the waterfall…all I will write for now about this is that one has to see and experience that before dying…beauty like that deserves alone chapter (coming soon).

We were driving, making turns on the widing roads..we put down the windows so that we could feel breathe of fresh air.

We were starting to go down..and through the tunnel…and there he was…magnificent lighthouse at the edge of the beautiful shore.

He knew I love lighthouses and he made extra effort to show me one. For me what was even more important…that he was next to me, he took me there…He remembered.

This lighthouse is special. Standing tall on his island. Standing on the edge that is seems like the end of the world.
It was wonderful.

There could be no finer place to be, for that view of the ocean and fresh salty air, sunbeams warming our faces…and HIM!

I should kiss him there! I so wanted to kiss him there! I should kiss him…over and over, more and longer!

I made him a present and this place was perfect to give him that.
I made him his own “souper hero” spoon and his own “Häagen-Dazs ice cream” spoon. I knew his “the thing” with spoon and hoped he will love it…and that is something only for us to know.
It was perfect place…he was perfect.

Year and a half later we took time for holidays together.
It was his birthday. We took a trip over the island and we both agreed that we want to see that lighthouse again together. This time I kissed him…I was falling more and more.

We decided to go for a lunch and bottle of wine nearby. It was homely restaurant with perfectly made fish. We talked and smiled a lot. I was hoping I’m somehow making his birthday more beautiful. I was hoping he is exactly where he wants to be, we who he wants to be.

In meantime, night fell down and the owner of the restaurant suggested us to go to the lighthouse again.
I will never be thankful enough to that man.

Lighthouse at night is like a fairy tail, it’s marvelous.

In the darkness the only sign of life was beams of light. Between black night and black ocean it gave illumination to the waves, sculptured by the wind, dancing, powerful.

Standing there, seeing magic, his presence and his hug made this moment one of my favourite moments of my life.

We made memory that will last a lifetime. You never forget your first!
I was happy! I was embracing moment.
I was exactly where I wanted to be with who I wanted to be.


He is like that lighthouse.

He is the brightest light.

He is my guiding light.

He just shines and lightning up my world.

Within him is a light of a thousand suns.

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