Bucket list!

I have my bucket list..and he is all over.

It’s funny how someone has a power to sneak in almost every wish, dream, goal..how someone is all over life bucket list. That doesn’t mean that bucket list is changing, it means it’s growing, it means I just want him in every thing I do.

Is it weird to wish him in everything? Is it weird to wish him to be part of everything? Is it weird to wish him holding my hand in every step I do?

Is it weird? Or is it true love? Pure love, unconditional, endless?

Bucket list of us or let’s dream together:

  • introducing eachother to our families
  • kissing in the rain
  • his arms around me
  • forehead kisses
  • showers together
  • reading to each other
  • taking care of eachother
  • getting lost in the woods
  • bonnet, us, woods
  • going to the roadtrip
  • baking together and put some flower on us
  • having breakfast in bed every Sunday
  • sneaking out of family dinner
  • sharing Christmas together with ones that are not so lucky
  • watching fireworks for NY
  • building blanket fort
  • going to see the basketball games of kids
  • slow dancing in the living room
  • kissing under waterfall
  • cuddling with him every night hard core
  • adopting street dog and cuddle hard core
  • chocolate ice cream in the house
  • black board in home to write notes to eachother
  • leaving notes so that other one finds in when least expected
  • sleeping in tent
  • watching the stars
  • watching Narcos together
  • holding hands and never letting go
  • making sangria with Frize limão
  • ironning naked
  • loving the rain
  • watch “Room in Rome”
  • going to Rome
  • making routins
  • making home and not just a house
  • waking up next to eachother every morning
  • kissing goodnight every night
  • going for a concert in front row
  • going to snowy mountain and cuddle in front of the fireplace
  • staying in bed all day
  • call in sick to stay in bed
  • body paint eachother
  • eating sushi from eachother
  • learn how to sail
  • trying something new in bedroom or out of bedroom
  • kiss on midnight for NY
  • writing notes on a steamy mirror
  • having our song
  • riding bycicle
  • driving along the coast to my island
  • singing loud in the car
  • skinny- dipping
  • pretending that is Valanetines day in August
  • every year holidays in October
  • wine tasting
  • wearing butterflies wings
  • sharing time with both families
  • learning eachothers language
  • cacao for two
  • having olive tree in the apartment
  • sitting on the bench when we will be old and gray
  • blowing candels together on his 70th birthday
  • becoming old and forgeting our names..and calling eachoter by nicknames which would usually be “idiot”
  • making each other smile
  • laughing out loud
  • falling for eachother every day
  • telling eachoter every day how much we love
  • inhaling my last breaths only in his arms
  • never stop dreaming
  • reaching utlimate happiness together

…and many many more.

To make long story short.

Once you care, you’re fucked.

He is my bucket list!

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