Meet me by the sea!

It was Sunday. Sunny Sunday on the island. I was walking around, getting lost on tiled streets, embracing beauty and sun of November.

I remember I was wearing black short sleeved dress and sneakers in mid November. My hair was wavy because of the salt in the air and humidity.

I was walking not knowing where the path will lead me.

I lost an earring that day, somewhere on the streets of that beautiful island that he so loves. I remember it was my favourite one but I embraced the fact that if it had to be lost I was happy that it was there.

I was hoping that whoever found it was wondering about the earring, the owner, what brought person to that island…I hope whoever found it was wondering what was the story behind.

The one earring that was left I sent to him on Christmas and asked him to “lost” it on the streets, throw it in the sea or do whatever with it…I just knew it belong there.

Like most of the time I had my book with me in the bag. I set down on the bench…I was waiting for someone in my head.
I took a book and got lost in my mind.
People were talking, birds were singing, cars were passing by…children were laughing.

I heard signal on my phone in the bag.
It was a message. It was a message from him! It was written “Meet me by the sea!”.I was smiling at my phone. I was wondering how lucky one woman can be. He didn’t realised how amazing he is to me. I wanted to see him so badly and was thinking…dafuq?! sea is all around the island.

I got another text…I smiled.
It was written “Go down to the sea”.
I put book in my bag and throw bag over my shoulder.

Another text came while I was walking…”When you come to the sea find a big pier with benches.”

I was walking be honest I was almost running, I was sure he was waiting for me there. I found a pier…walked all the way to the end, looked at every bench…he wasn’t there.

Another text…it was a photo. Photo of “his” tree! I was thinking “ohhhhh I know where I have to go.” Walking, looking around for his face…

Another picture came. It was him on the photo smiling…I could saw in the back long black and white tiled wide pavement. Have I told you I love his smile?

So…I was waking further, got to that pavement and while I was walking got another photo. It was this huge square, I could see flag of his island, sea and a cruise ship. I knew where that is. He texted me “I’m waiting for you by the sea.”

I was walking and smiling…I remember like it was yesterday…me thinking how damn lucky I am to have him in my life. I remember me thinking it was kinda walk of faith. I remember me thinking how damn worth he is finding, worth knowing and worth loving.

I was walking and saw him..sitting in the bar, he was wearing that smile! He knew that he made my day. I knew he was excited to see me. And I… I was wearing the smile he gave me.

I set down. Looking at him.
And realised that one of the most attractive things on him is effort. Knowing that he really wants to see me, talk to me and wants to make me a part of his day.

Knowing that he is trying every day to put smile on my face…that makes him worthy.
And he is worthy…he is sooooooo worthy!

At that moment I knew he will never be anything less than everything for me.

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