We love rain…

Are you listening the rhytm of the falling rain?
Are you opening umbrella when it rains?
Do you like the smell of rain?
Are you walking in the rain or you just get wet?

We are two weirdos who love rain but are both affraid of thunders.

Maybe because love is like rain. Sometimes gentle, sometimes flooding, joyful, steady,hard,… when it rains, when we love, life grows.

Sound of rain needs no translation.

When it rains world becomes softly blurred and we melt right into it.

We love to imagine rainy day and us two on a sofa, covered with blanket, with hot cacao in our hands, dog snuggling under…hey?!? don’t judge us, rain is cuddle weather.

We imagine not only listening the rain, we imagine hearing the rain. We are finding peace in the rain.

I would say that you can tell a lot about the person by the way one handels rainy day.

It was rainy Sunday in an awesome October (Sunday again!!!)…we didn’t make cacao but we made a lot of coffees (and love!) ….two spoons of brown sugar, two spoons of coffee and a warm milk.. And there was no dog like we dreamt (but, that day will come too!) but it was just a two of us, hidden from world outside and at that moment it was more than enough.

We were talking about ordinary things and every day things like we are sharing our time together every day and not like we just united again after almost a year. Time shared with him feels natural, it feels right, it feels like we belong together…it feels authentic.. .and why in the hell isn’t it easy?!

And when I question like that he usually says…. »Hey, if it would be easy it wouldn’t be meant for us.«

He feels like a fairy tale but yet feels so natural…the way our fingers interwine, the way our eyes look for each other, the way our souls are dancing.. .The best feelings are those that have no words to describe them.

He feels like home! And that is the closest I can describe. He feels like Christmas in home.

Sometimes I really don’t have a clue as what I’m doing because it’s never felt like this before. I just know everything feels right, that’s what guides me.

I read somewhere that souls do not have calanders or clock, nor do they understand to notion of time or distance. They only know it feels right to be with one another.

My soul feels right around him. Everything feels right when he is around.

And it can’t be bad if it feels good, right?

I knew it before I said it.

I would rather be beside him in storm then safe and warm by myself or anyone else.

I would stand with him in the pouring rain even though I know I could be dry.

I want to stand in the rain with him!

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