One Pastel de nata a day keeps the doctor away

Ok! Confession!
I have a sweet tooth and I love treating myself.
I’m a chocolate kind of girl.
And not only that…I love baking!

I’m into count the memories not the calories. I’m into bake the world a better place!
It’s amazing what baking can do specially if secret ingredient is love.
Hand made with love.

Have you ever tried Pastel de Nata?

Portugal is a country with a sweet tooth, and its most iconic pastry is the palm-size pastel de nata, or egg tart, a creamy custard tart available in pastelarias across the country.

The outside is crispy and flaky while the inside is creamy and sweet. Each region of Portugal and each baker has their own ways of tweaking the original recipe, but the egg filling and flaky crust is the desired outcome from everyone.

The recipe dates back to the 16th century, when the confections, like many other Portuguese sweets, were made by nuns in convents.

Now, locals eat pastel de nata at breakfast, in the midmorning, after lunch, or in the evening — any time they’re craving a snack.

Let me tell you…once you try it, there is no coming back!

Adoration of the pastel de nata is easy to understand after you’ve taken a bite.
It’s not chocolate but damn this became one of my favourite sweets.

Now days pastel de nata comes in different various. Bitter sweet lemon one, passion fruit one…even chocolate one.

I like traditional one the most but with a twist that he told me about… I put cinnamon on. First you put it on top, take a bite and again put in the middle on a creamy part. If you love cinnamon like I do, you will love it like that.

He likes his pastel de nata extra burned. Like with more black spots on the top where the cream is caramelizing…I knew that, and every time I went to buy it for us I knew exactly which one to pick.
Well…I knew also he is more queijada guy, so I picked one of those too.

I remember when I first came to his island after so many years and we went for a road trip, he bought me a pastel de nata…and he got me, literally got me.

And ever since…every time we meet he brings one. We even went tasting different flavours for breakfast…those are nice memories.
That is have we roll.

Perfect balance between sweet, crispy and creamy are a labor of love.
Because pastel de nata is love made edible. Mainly when you are sharing it with the one you love.


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