Nicknames are not our thing.
We both have beautiful names and saying it by someone somewhere makes it so damn special.

People call me by my name…I kinda never had nickname.
In younger days I didn’t like the fact that my name is so different that people are having trouble remembering it…and it took me years to embrace and love my name.
How years went by I realised that same fact that was bothering me is making me special.
I had never till that day “met” someone who is wearing the same name as I am. Never.

It was 14th of July…I remember like it was yesterday and he say I have ocd with numbers. :))
I got a text on whatsapp from unknown number saying that she is just a prove that impossible is nothing…and she signed her name…it was the same as mine.

I can’t describe the feeling. I wanted to cry and laugh at the same time. I wanted to hug him tight and never let go.
Hundred of things crossed my mind…he had me…I was utterly and completely his.
Knowing what he had to go through to ask someone unknown to send text to someone unknown. Damn!

He made an extra effort and I’m sucker for details. He pays extra attention and he remembers. He wants to make me smile…he wants to make me happy.
He makes my life special and I’m thankful to have him in my life. I will always remember what he did.
But…he managed to do something else…
Never ever ended with him!

And opposite from me, some people only get called by their nicknames and usually it sounds weird to even say their name.

I got to know through stories about people around him…for most of them I don’t know names…I know nicknames he gave them. I know that is part of the wall he has around himself to protect himself and others that he care.

I never asked him if he has nickname for me when he talks about me with them…maybe I will…someday.

But…I got my first “nickname” said by him.
And even though nicknames are not my thing…I like it. I like the way he calls me, I like the way how it sounds from his lips, I love how his voice vibrates when he say it…

He calls me B.
We made so many jokes on that behalf…and what could B stand for.
I remember he called me “beautiful” one day…and he said… “B stands for beautiful”.

I never thought of myself as beautiful.
And hearing it from him…I belived him.

“A million men can tell woman she is beautiful, but the only time she will listen is when it’s said by the man she loves.”

If I could wish right now one thing I’d hear him call my name.

And he calls me beautiful like it’s my name.
I miss him calling me B!

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