Room in Rome

I like to say that great minds think alike.

As he like to say…it all comes down to listening the same song. I would add…and loving the same movie.

Even if it’s weird for people around…you find in one movie…that something! It’s hard to explain…it’s just something!

We had a dream! But…. we never saw that movie together…even if we promised we will. We never got to that room in Rome…even if we promised we will. Maybe someday…I will keep dreaming about someday!

A hotel room in the heart of Rome. Two young women who have only just met travel together on an intimate, passionate journey that will mark their bodies and souls deeply. Slowly they allow themselves to be borne away, each into the unknown terrain of the other, until both find themselves stunt before a completely new love. The story unfolds over twelve hours, through the night and into the early morning, before each woman departs, Alba to Spain and Natasha to Russia. All that is left is white bed sheet flag as a reminder.

I remember I told my friend about this movie…and she asked me if I can explain what exactly I liked that much about this slightly different movie.
It’s not about lesbian movie at all…it’s something bigger and deeper…it’s about love, lust, attraction…its sensual…it’s about someone somewhere that comes in ones life and changes everything.
It’s about realising that we might find someone special when we least expected…or that we might only have one night and we should make the best of it.

I will keep dreaming about someday.
I will keep dreaming about room in Rome.
“Rome” with me…il mio amore.

I will keep dreaming!

And putting white flag out won’t mean we are surrendering, it will be us raising…it will be a reminder of us.

La vita è questa. Niente è facile. E nulla è impossibile.

Continua a sognare un giorno o l’altro il mio amore.

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