I wish for all of you out there that feet will take you where your heart wants to go.

I know exactly where I’m headed…I even know the coordinates…4700miles.

And I would take simplest life to live and that is more than good for me, I don’t need whole lot. Simple comfy dress, coffee and wine in backpack, barefoot and him by my side… and I’m happy.

Even though some people might not see me that way but I’m soooooo the kind of person that would go somewhere with someone and would work for food. Or I would suggest to sell all the s*** we don’t need or we own…and just go somewhere together…stepping in barrel full of grapes and making wine, or raise goats up in the mountains…i would easily suggest just to go somewhere spend our days barefoot out in the sunshine…or rain…as long as we are together.

I imagine us often barefoot on the grass, listening to our favourite song….or playing football with kids, running around.

I dream about slow dance barefoot with him.

I dream us walking the walk as if we are kissing the earth with our feet.

Aside from my own personal love of being barefoot, there are some really good reasons why you should toss the shoes, even if only for a little while.

Don’t bother if your feet get means that you spend majority of your day outside and you were doing something good for yourself. “Earting”, “grounding” or maybe making the wine.

It was the first time after so many time that I thought..if I will get married ever again I want to be barefoot…

And we would make this sign board where it would be written…”shoes here”, “vows there” and “love everywhere”….oh crap, I know it’s cheesy and kinda cliche but…I feel like that. Barefoot, happy and holding his hand. I don’t ask a lot, do I?

I’m loving the glorious mess that I am.

I know I’m most of the time strange as f*** and oddly out of place..but I kinda dig it that way.
My weirdness is my magic…kinda! : )

And one of his biggest magic is that he teaches me how to love things on myself…like…my feet that he really likes, specialy when I put red polish on them.

But he also did that every time I look at my feet…I remember…I remember every single time. That I’m his.

Oh what an adventure he is!

Let’s run away together…barefoot!

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