Easy like Sunday morning…

Sundays…those days that you should love the most…days when you share your time with loved ones, in their arms…doing things that you love the most.

Days when one should bake, read, watch movies, run around barefoot on the grass, hop in the sea, walk the mountain…that is what Sundays are for.

F*** this will sound patetic…but…Sundays without him don’t have any sence. The second I wake up, roll over and realise he is not there…stone of 1000kg falls on my chest…and stays there.

We dreamt about our Sundays for so long. We dreamt about not leaving the bed.

We dreamt that he and I and bed on Sunday will be endless love affair.

We sweared that lazy Sunday’s were meant for us.

We dreamt that we will eventually made it from bed to the couch and that nobody could stop us.

We dreamt that we will be selfish and we won’t share our Sundays with no one else…that Sunday will be our time.

We knew we deserve that..we knew we were waiting far too long to get there…we knew if it’s real it will never be over.

We wanted to make Sundays great again.

I wanted to kiss him like I live only to love him, only to hold him.
All my bones, they sing nothing but his name.

I wanted to put my hands on either side of his face and let the room fall away. In every kiss of ours I got lost, space between us exploded.

My heart was keep missing the beats and my hands couldn’t bring him close enough to me. Every time I tasted him I realised I have been starving. I have kissed before but it didn’t felt like this..it didn’t burn me alive.
All I know those kisses, and how his skin brusehes against mine, and that even if I did not know it until then, I have been waiting for him forever.

Life had broke me, just as it had broken him. But when we are together our pieces became whole. And we continued our journey, together, mended as one.

And than one Sunday came…we woke up together in same bed, I rolled over and come closer, kiss him and I was watching his chest go up and down.

For me…that was it! Moment! Love! Him!

It was the feeling I want for my forever!

We woke up, drink our coffee together, made love…smiled, laughed at Venice in Italy moment…walk to Go brunch van which runs on smiles…walked by the sea and sit on the ground, we were enough…went for awesome lunch at his friends, ate awesome food, drink great wine and tasted crazily good passion dessert.

We walked to the green city park…listening the kids laughing, looking people walking the dog, looking couples in love…

We set down for a drink at the park…it was full, but for me we were only one there.

He was sitting over the table, sunbeams were on his face and curly hair…I was falling and falling and falling…I just keep on falling.

I wanted to last forever.

It was a Sunday that I wasn’t suppose to be there anymore..but weather, a bit of luck..and a sign as I saw it..I was there, on that Sunday. And that Sunday on tv was playing movie 7 pounds, he told me how much he loved that movie and that he wishes that we will see it together.

And we did! It was a special moment for us…I was in his arms…I knew he was crying and I just squeezed closer.
His wounds and scraches were on the target again…I was there..I hope I was enough at that moment.
If you haven’t seen that movie..watch it. After that I saw it couple more times.

That was our Sunday. Sunday to remember, to cherish and to be thankful for.

To say it was a beautiful day would not begin to explain it.

If I were granted three wishes (and three is a charm)…they would be him, me and us! (Not only on Sunday..every day).

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