Libras speak at least five languages…English, profanity, sarcasm, truth and love.

A lot of most important people in my life are libras by zodiac sign…and as much as they are alike, they are also different.

What is most alike in all of them is they can see the good in any person and in a lover they require intelligence and humor. They receive great pleasure by pleasing and helping others.

They sometimes seem emotionally cold and they know more than they reveal.

Typical for libra is that they don’t mind being alone…well, that is first difference I notice in them.

October libras are the special ones.

They are natural charmers and lovers.

They always have the best intentions.

They love more than they show and care more than you know.

They need time to recharge.

They carry a lot of pain inside.

They can take forever to make a decision. (#noshitsherlock)

They dislike violence, selfish people and unfairness.

If you get into an awkward situation let the Libra do all the talking.

They try to suppress their feelings so one have to look at their body language to understand and see it.

They have a sexy brain, they love to make people smile but they can kill you with sarcasm.

They have great taste in music!

Their mind is always 10 steps ahead of yours.

They are masters at giving silent treatments.

They will beat you at your own game.

They balance. They are constantly balancing. They are projection and perspective. When things are balanced and fair they know who they are…and when things are chaotic they are lost.

They are also real suckers for love…if you found them, keep them close, they will brighten up your life.

They will never forget to let the people they love know how much they care.

When they love…they love with entire soul.

Libra falls in love in old fashion way , paying attention to the way you make them feel over a long period of time.

Libra’s will leave you speechless with sweet nothings.

So many words to say and no ways to say it.

Nobody compares to you…


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