Our shell is our hideaway. Our shell is our place alone, it’s place for two people only. No one can get close, because at the beginning it was really dark inside…it was where our demons where hiding…. we weren’t letting anyone come close.

Later sun came in…sunbeam by sunbeam. Day by day.

It is our time! It is our shell!

Place where the darkest and deepest things are talked. Place where the widest smiles are born. Place where we can be who we are…no pretending, glows off, make up off…completely naked emotionally.

It is place to hide away from world…but it is also a discovery that we don’t need another world. We have each other, that is our world.

Sometimes is easier to hide away. Sometimes is easier to pretend you’re ok. Sometimes is easier to push everyone else away.

Our shell is much more than that!

It’s our love nest, it’s a place where you come home and take clothes the very second when you walk in…it’s a place where you leave your used mug and glass on the counter, it’s a place where you put your Christmas tree up, it’s a place when one irons naked others shirts, it’s a place where you can cry and there will be someone who will put arms around you… it’s a place full of love, understanding and respect.

We dance in our shell, naked in the living room.

We are saving the world at 3 am in our shell.

We laugh so hard that we almost pee.

We goof around in the shell.

We do naughty things in our shell…and it feels natural.

We put our armors down…and also rescue jackets, rescue knifes and rescue missiles.

We take care of each other in the shell.

We keep us safe in there.

We decorate our shell with hearts.

We put paintings on the wall, colorful paintings that guests wouldn’t understand. We put one special one in the bedroom…I wrote before that we are weird and when you find someone equally weird, keep it close.

We painted wall in the kitchen with black board colour so that we can write notes to each other with chalk…old school things.

We don’t have a dishwasher in the shell.

We eat eggs with origano for breakfast in the shell.

We share Häagen-Dazs Belgium chocolate ice cream in the shell… and we only use one spoon.

We make palačinke at midnight in our shell.

We have a special vase on the shelf. And a box of grandfather in the shell.

Shell is the place where we don’t hide our feelings and we don’t have to hide from in any way. Whether it’s our morning face, an embarrassing story to tell or an ambition one have had since six years old.

We all need to make sure that we end up with someone who knows all of it and still loves you. Because person you can tell your whole life to is a person worth spending a life with.

We are comfortable and homely in our shell…and like every shell have a story…ours have it to, it’s beautiful and unforgettable.

Shell is our happy place. Together is our favourite place to be.

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